What Would It Mean to Feel Good

About Your Faith Again?

Would you like a deeper, more satisfying relationship in Christ?

Do you want to strengthen your faith, but feel unsure of what to do?

Have you been burned by a church community and aren't sure how to move forward?

Do you want to understand how to let God work in your life again?

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What You'll Get

  • A compassionate and empathetic guidebook toward a deeper faith in Christ.
  • Learn how to process your faith past in a healthy way & move towards healing and wholeness.
  • Understand how to find the right faith community and know what a good church looks like

"In Reason to Return, Ericka honestly and delicately uncovers the spiritual woundings many of us have experienced in the local church while beautifully restoring the dignity of the Church at large."

- Michelle Donnelly,
President & CEO of PlusONE Parents

The Church of Your Past Doesn't Have to be

the Church of Your Future


Reason to Return: Why Women Need the Church

& the Church Needs Women

Ericka Andersen is a freelance journalist who has been writing for over 15 years. She is a columnist for WORLD Magazine, reporter for Christianity Today and has written for the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal & many more.

Well-Researched, Thorough and Searingly Honest

Stories of Hope

  • Overcoming addiction to alcohol through faith community
  • Toxic teachings of past churches & how to heal
  • Finding a healthy church after an unhealthy experience
  • Going back to church after years of running away from God
  • Leaning into curiosity and doubt to get to know God better
  • Trusting God again after betrayal within faith community

Who is This Book For?

  • Women who want to grow deeper in their faith
  • Women who stopped going to church, but may want to return
  • Women who have experienced church hurt or trauma
  • Women who want to raise their children with a strong faith

Why Should I Buy This Book?

  • Begin to fully appreciate and understand women's important role in the church
  • Learn to bypass religions obligations in favor of holy relationship with God and others
  • Identify your own spiritual gifts and how they can be used within faith community.
  • Recognize what a healthy church looks like &. how to find it for you and your family.

This book is for you if...

  • You're thinking about going back to church again.
  • You participate in church sometimes, but feel unsure about it
  • You've been hurt by the church, but still love Jesus
  • You don't want to go back to the church environment of your youth or past
  • You feel strong in your faith, but want an even deeper and more authentic faith
  • Politics or other issues have you feeling jaded about the church

"In Reason to Return, Ericka casts a beautiful and compelling vision for women’s commitment to a local body of believers. She reminds us of how vital being a part of an embodied community of Christians is, and she helps us navigate barriers to knowing and loving the bride of Christ."

- Chelsea Sobolik, ERLC Director of Public Policy & author of "Longing for Motherhood."


Words of Praise

Women are an integral & influential part of the body of Christ, necessary for the health of the Church. This is a necessary message for women today.

- Lauren McAfee, Ministry Investment Coordinator at Hobby Lobby Corporate and coauthor of Only One Life and Not What You Think

In pockets of faithfulness all over the world, God’s people are showing up to be Jesus’ hands and feet, and Ericka is telling this story. While the Church is not perfect, it is still a place of healing and calling.

- Sharon Hodde Miller, author of The Cost of Control

If you’ve walked away from a church family or even the idea of church because of pain, trauma, shame, or flat-out annoyance, journalist Ericka Andersen is inviting you to reconsider coming home. 

- Aubrey Sampson, Church planter & author of Known, The Louder Song, and Overcomer

What You Get When You Purchase

  • How to Find a New Church 101 (Video Mini-Course) ($100)
  • 7-Day Devotional for Busy Christian Women ($10)
  • Printable: Prayer for Walking into a New Church ($10 )
  • Christian Mom Podcast Bundle ($20)
  • 5-day devotional email series for Christian moms ($20)
  • Access to Christian Women Community Email Group ($100)
  • Book Club appearance from the author ($150)
  • Option to have Ericka speak at your church, study or group ($750)

Total value = $1,140

Your cost = $16

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Is this book for me if I already go to church?

Yes. This book was written for women in and out of church. If you currently attend, it will service to educate you about the history and purpose of gathering together as Believers, helping you find deeper meaning in our participation. It will also help reignite your faith if you've been feeling a lack of purpose or direction lately.

What if I have no plans to return to church right now?

That's totally fine. This book offers you the freedom to explore your story and other people's stories of hurt, then decide for yourself when and if you are ready to return to a new community.

Is this book for a specific denomination?

No. I grew up non-denominational and this book doesn't cater to any specific denomination in it's content. Folks from across the spectrum will find comfort and direction in these words. It intentionally does not delve into denominational specifics.

Does this book talk about complementarianism v. egalitarianism?

No. There are plenty of other books and authors talking about that issue that know more about it than me. This book is for women on both sides of that debate and discusses how women are important in ALL churches and how churches can adapt to make them feel welcome and seen every step of the way.

Is this a good book for pastors and ministry teams?

100%! This book is a tremendous resource for church ministry teams and pastors who are interested in learning about why women are leaving the church and how to draw them back in healthy, respectful and loving ways.

Should I get this book for my non-Christian friend?

This book is not for someone who explicitly describes themselves as non-Christian. But it is for someone who has drifted from their faith, church or is searching or feeling doubts.

Can men benefit from this book?

Yes! While the book is written for women, much of the information and the stories within the book can also apply to men. Men have always left church at higher rates than women and some of the same reasons apply.

How can I get a signed copy?

If you are interested in a signed copy, you can email me at ericka.andersen@gmail.com and use the subject line: R2R SIGNED COPY REQUEST! I will personally get it to you that way.