Does This Sound Familiar?

❌ You wish you had bylines you could brag about, but you've pitched tons of media outlets in the past and never seem to hear back from anyone.

❌ You see people around you, who you know are less talented than you, getting published and it drives you nuts.

❌ You know you had good ideas (and see similar ones published in major outlets!), but landing those pieces feels impossible.

Imagine If...

✔️ You were hearing "yes" to your pitches regularly.

✔️ You could send your Mom the New York Times article you just wrote so she could brag about it to all her friends.

✔️ You knew exactly how to frame your idea in a pitch so that it would be accepted and you would be paid and published.

Introducing my program, Bragworthy Bylines! This is what is going to get you from where you are today to where you most want to be!

Bragworthy Bylines:

Sell Your Big Story Ideas

Do you see other people getting published and wonder what the secret is to attaining that kind of success yourself?

That used to be me.

Maybe you can relate to some of what I used to do:

  • I used to send multiple pitches a week and not hear any responses.
  • I used to see people I knew publishing in places like the Atlantic or the Washington Post and wonder how they did it.
  • I used my ideas on my personal blog where no one read them because I thought "real publishing" was impossible for me.

Things have changed since then.

Now, my work and the stories I care about deeply have been featured across the publication spectrum.

Maybe you wish you could do the same.

Close your eyes and imagine if you could:

🏆 Make tangible progress on the stories closest to your heart.

🏆 Spend less time thinking and more time pitching & writing

🏆 Tell your story, publish it for thousands of readers and get paid for it.

🏆 Learn the tactics of pitching, so you don't waste anymore time.


A complete, step-by-step program that teaches you how to cultivate story ideas, pitch your writing, get paid and published consistently.

This course trains freelance writers to pitch and publish their most important stories.

I'll work with you on personal stories or advocacy issues and show you how to leverage major publications.

Turn your big story idea into a published piece and gain recognition and compensation for the impactful storytelling you're going to do!

What Past Bragworthy Students Are Saying...

"If you are wanting to write for publications, but not certain how to get there, Ericka is the woman for you! She provides advice that is immediately applicable and action oriented, meaning you’re not left still wondering, “but how do I pitch?” Do yourself a favor and sign up for her class! You won’t regret it."

- Saffron Brooks

"Ericka's transparency in the process of pitching and the templates she provides serve as a great guide for writers who are ready to stop overthinking and *finally* put themselves out there."

- Elle Hamilton

Pitch and Publish Your Most Important Ideas ❤️

Bragworthy Bylines combines these pillars to help you SUCCEED:


Get 4 transformative modules & 8 weeks of personalized coaching. You'll learn exactly how to plan, pitch and publish your most exciting & important story ideas.


Knowing how to craft a solid and savvy pitch email is critical. Learn what a successful pitch needs, how to find the right editors & what makes or breaks your pitch.


It's your dream; let's make it happen. Not only can you get published, but you'll learn how to do it again and again (while getting paid.) I'll teach you to sell the stories YOU want to tell.

Start overcoming the barriers to telling your story TODAY! We're kicking down excuses and finding all the shortcuts ⚡⚡⚡

Getting your writing published at top publications or making a living as a writer is difficult if you don't know what you're doing.

Perhaps you've thought: "I want to see my name in print but it's too much effort."

That's exactly why I decided to figure this publishing thing out for myself. Now I've seen byline after byline in publications read by hundreds of thousands (even millions!)

Imagine what it is like to open your email and see an acceptance email from the

New York Times or TIME Magazine? It's possible!

Imagine publishing a story close to your heart, so that thousands of people read it! The people who really need it actually see it!


Here's what's waiting for you inside

Bragworthy Bylines!

Sound too good to be true? It's not. I know because I've done it and taught dozens of other writers to do it.


You have questions like:

  • What does a successful pitch need to have?
  • How do I find the right editors?
  • What if I have a small audience?
  • What makes a story idea sell-able?
  • Should I write it first or pitch it first or does it depend?
  • Other people have my story -- how do I make it different?
  • What gives me the right to speak on this topic or tell this story?

Ring any bells? 🔔🔔

No problem. These are ALL things we will cover in the course. I'm making this so easy for you!

🤗🤗🤗 What if you could...

✔️ Write the story you've been dying to tell

✔️ Brag about your big bylines

✔️ Build your portfolio and a readership

✔️ Deliver a message you care about to a very large audience

✔️ Use your essay traction to help get a book deal

✔️ Become a professional writer and make money

Over the next 8 weeks, you get:


Weekly, hands-on video trainings + guided worksheets


Learning the art of the freelance pitch, specifically for those personal stories


Live pitch workshops to see exactly how I breakdown a pitch and re-work it to sell


Secrets of editors trainings, where you learn the secret sauce behind what makes an editor say "yes!"


In-depth pitch edits & personalized feedback so you send only the best work in to editors

Four Transformative Modules

Module One: Pitching 101

We'll start with foundational lessons. Learn...

  • Pitch structure
  • Editor psychology
  • Best timing to send pitches
  • How to find the best hooks
  • How to write eye-catching subject lines to make editors open


Module Two: Crafting the Story

You'll understand the nuts and bolts of what works and sells.

Learn to package your pitch so it’s a no- brainer YES for editors.

  • Turn your story into a fire idea.
  • Create a headline to persuaded editors this is a must.
  • Discover how to build evidence and narrative that sells.


Module Three: The Art of the Pitch

Construct and differentiate between multiple kinds of pitches.

  • We'll do guided brainstorm sessions to develop your idea.
  • I'll provide editor research guidance to locate hot contact info!
  • Outline your pitch and piece with my proven methodology.


Module Four: Sustainable Pitching

Learn a sustainable pitching strategy without burnout.

Secure writing success without wasting time.

  • How to validate your ideas
  • Pre-write pitches and schedule them
  • Swipe my pre-curated editor list with over 100 editor emails at top notch pubs.
  • Learn from the "Pitches that Worked" treasure trove.


Praise for Bragworthy Bylines

"The insider skills and strategies taught in this course are invaluable for all writers, and Ericka's own vast experience with pitching and publishing makes this course a worthwhile investment!"

- Alyssa Blakemore

"Bragworthy Bylines took the mystery out of pitching and made success feel attainable. I'm so glad I took this course!"

- Marina Crouse

"Bragworthy Bylines is encouraging, informative and helped me conquer my fear of pitching well-known publications."

- Kim McGovern

You'll also get this partner course TOTALLY FREE:


🚨🚨🚨 A HUGE addition to Bragworthy Bylines, available for the FIRST TIME within the program.

Deep dive how to write persuasively, so you can easily sell opinion pieces. Opinion is one of the BEST places to write about personal stories and issues you care most about -- so this is 🔑.

At a $497 value (which you're getting totally FREE!), this extra course makes joining us for this round a no-brainer! 🧠🧠🧠

Write about issues you care about or your personal story & get placements like I did when I wrote getting sober & what women need to know about drinking:


🤔 You think your writing isn't good enough?

After years of writing professionally, here is what I know to be true...

You don’t need to be the world's best writer to sell your writing.

I became a reporter when I was just 24 years old with zero experience --

and this launched my writing career. I sold a piece to the Wall Street Journal

with zero fancy bylines to my name prior to that.

This idea that you need to have an MFA in creative writing in order to make money

and sell your work is a myth.

>>> A good idea and persistence goes a lot further.

🤔 You don't know how to find editors? Or have the time to do so?

You don’t need to spend 8 hours a day searching for the right people --

they have made themselves available if you know where to look.

Sure, there are some obscure editors—and you may want to track them down eventually- but most of them are easy to find and want to be found!

You can find the right editor at your dream publication -- and get a real response with a simple search strategy.

Learning this was hard for me, but now it's the easiest thing I do.

🤔 You feel like your ideas aren't original enough?

Let’s flip the script here.

What if I told you it’s actually a good thing that we're starting here? Because now...we can get to the good stuff.

Seriously. Because this means you haven't even begun to plumb the depths

of your mind for all the great ideas and angles that will be uncovered!

The special sauce is in how you differentiate yourself from the other writers actually comes down to YOU—your personality, life experiences, and those oh-so-special quirks and ideas you were always told to hide.

We've just got to pull those things out of you so you can discover what a wealth of

unique ideas you've been gathering for YEARS.

Loooooove a good bonus stack? Me too.

Get instant access to over $3,000 in course bonuses!

🔥 Pitch Perfect Template Bundle (Normally $197) is COMPLETELY FREE with this round of Bragworthy Bylines! 🔥

This invaluable, long-term resource is completely FREE to you when you purchase Bragworthy Bylines this session!

It includes dozens of pre-written templates for both magazine pitches and content-writing clients.

You'll get easy-to-copy, specific scripts for all kinds of projects, so you never have to start from scratch again!

Interviews with Editors & Writers at Top Pubs 🎥🎥🎥

$497 value (FREE TO YOU)

I've learned so much hearing directly from editors. You'll get a growing library of editor interviews -- folks from places like Businessweek, the New York Times, the New York Post, the Wall Street Journal & more!

They give you the inside scoop on what it takes to write and land a successful pitch, and what excites editors!

Pitches That Worked Grab Bag 💰💰💰

$497 value (FREE TO YOU)

It’s no secret: At the heart of every successful publishing opportunity is an amazing pitch!

I’m handing over my proven, pre-written, plug-and-play email pitch templates and a bunch of other "swipe files" (ie. things like follow ups, cold calling, pricing structures & more!)

Library of Social Media for Writers Resources 📱📱📱


Inside the social media for writers resources library, I have *everything* you need to start doing social media right with your writing:

A dozen+ assets, including:

✔ Story graphic templates to promote your work

✔ Instagram best practices for writers

✔ How to gain readership for your writing on TikTok

✔ Social media copy tips for the best traction on socials

Make your life easier and capitalize on these incredible, made-to-use resources!

Twitter (X) for Writers Masterclass 🐦🐦🐦


In This Training, You'll Learn:

✔ How to find story ideas, quotes and sources
✔ Best practices for promoting & advocating for your work

✔ How to connect with editors & learn what they're looking for
✔ How to begin cultivating an expert reputation and authority

Bragworthy Bylines is for you if...

✅ You have a personal story or story idea that must be told (and to a lot of people!)

✅ You're ready to go to family dinners & tell your parents and siblings you've been published in places like Forbes and the New York Times!

✅ You're ready for the opportunity to make an income from writing you actually want to do.

✅ You want someone to go guide, coach and mentor you to success in this endeavor (plus a supportive community!)

Bragworthy Bylines is NOT for you if...

❌ You don't want to write with your own name

❌ You aren't interested in being published in magazines and newspapers

❌ You aren't willing to learn the process and put in the work

❌ You don't want to make any money from your writing

With the curriculum, coaching, and bonuses...

The total value of this program is WELL OVER $5,000

(in true, non-inflated prices!)

But right now, you get everything:

4 Modules of comprehensive curriculum & 8 weeks of coaching

Mastering Freelance Opinion Writing Mini-Course + Pitch Perfect Template Packet

The chance to see your story and/or issue and byline in print and in front of thousands!

Vault of editor interviews + Social Media Library

Pitch edits + templates & guides

Immediate access to your course

Only $997

or 6 monthly payments of $197*

100% Risk Free

Even though I know this course is so valuable, you deserve the chance to join risk-free. If you don’t think it’s every bit as awesome as I’ve promised, simply request a refund within 5 days of purchase.

There are no strings attached, no forms to fill out, nothing to prove, and I won’t question you. I won’t even ask for all of your newly gained biz insight and strategy back ;)

*But don’t be that person who joins, downloads all the material, checks out every lesson, and then asks for their money back. We can see that on our course platform, and it’s just bad karma.

So, what happens next?

All you need to do is purchase now, and you'll receive immediate access to the course!

You’ll be invited to join our private Facebook group and get access to the course!


When do I get access to the course materials?

Bragworthy Bylines begins as soon as you sign up!

Do I have to have published my writing before?

No! I will guide you how to make it happen. This is who this program is for, like my student Ruth, who had previously written only on her own blog and now has a regular column with Psychology Today. Or Alyssa, who recently published her first piece in the Washington Post.

Who is this course for?

This course is for any writer who wants to see their writing published, especially those with a personal story to tell or an issue they want to write about or advocate for. My students have published in places like the Washington Post, CNBC, Christianity Today, Good Housekeeping & more!

Seems like a time commitment. Will I have time?

All lessons are on the platform and available to you forever. All group calls are recorded and sent out on the same day. You can go at your own pace if you wish. I've had students from different time zones who could never make the calls live but always watched replays. Additionally, I often hear from students months down the road who are still using and accessing their course material regularly. The resources are evergreen.

Is this class for me if I just want to write on the side?

Yes, many of my students only want to write on the side, while others want to pursue full-time freelancing. Student Jamie started off in a full-time job, and ultimately moved to freelancing after learning the ropes. Others prefer to use their writing publications as an addition to their work as professionals in healthcare, law, psychology, education & more.

Will the group calls be recorded if I can't make it?

Yes, they will be recorded and sent out same day with a recap email and access to them indefinitely. You can also pre-send questions for me to answer on the calls if you can't make it.

Will I have access to you after the course ends?

I will remain open to student questions and pitch edits for a couple of weeks if necessary, but always happy to connect for quick questions or thoughts!

Hey there, I'm Ericka!

Mom of two, lover of Orange Theory and proud Hoosier living in Indianapolis, Indiana.

And as a writing coach for ambitious writers who want to get their words published (and get paid for it!), I'm here to simplify the process, offer shortcuts and be a launch pad for great ideas and successful pitches.

Because, on a real note, I've been publishing my work and getting paid for it regularly for the past 5 years as a freelance writer!

And I write stories that are VERY close to my heart. Like when I wrote about alcoholism for the New York Times and on IVF for the Wall Street Journal.

I will help you write about the things that matter most and publish them too.

I'm also a 6-figure freelance writer who never thought it was possible (but it is!)

Now, I'm obsessed with sharing my knowledge with others who have this same dream.

Getting to share stories and messages I care about, making a living doing what I love and reaching thousands of people through writing is truly a dream come true. It could be for you too.

I share all of that to show you what’s possible (and why I’m so obsessed) with publishing writing & getting paid!

Join now and get instant access to ALL of this material right now!

Still have a question?

Send me a Voxer note @esylve119

Click HERE to DM me on Instagram

Bragworthy Bylines: Get Paid & Published Consistently

Made it all the way to the end? I know you're thinking hard about this (I get it, I always scroll to the end!). Let me reassure you: If you take this course seriously, you will walk away with incredible, lifetime value.

And consider this: It only takes selling 2-3 freelance pieces TOTAL to cover the cost of this entire course! It's a steal and I can't wait to work with you.

I've been working on this updated version of my signature program for months -- and cannot wait to welcome new students into the experience!

As soon as you sign up, you'll get a welcome email with everything you need -- and access to the entire course library so you can dive in and get moving.

Imagine what it would be like to have a secure, guided path forward to your writing goals right now. See you on the inside, friend!